REI Advisory Council

REI Advisory Council

Welcome to the Real Estate Investor Advisory Council (REIAC), a joint effort of The HomeQuest Group, a for profit Missouri limited liability company to provide housing and Project Outreach St. Louis, a 501(c)(3) organization to help underserved and underrepresented men and women develop skills in becoming self-sufficient, productive contributors to society. 

Homelessness and recidivism is relatively high among ex-offenders, aging-out youth and veterans. We believe in order to significantly reduce these conditions, you have to address the core issues that impact them – housing, employment, training and development. Project Outreach has developed a systematic approach to positively impact these areas and is committed to helping transform their lives and the community. Through this partnership, The HomeQuest Group is in support of deploying its system.

REIAC was developed to directly impact the demographics Project Outreach serves in the capacity of training and development through opportunities in the real estate industry.

Motto:  Collaborations in Action for Underserved Individuals.

Mission:  To generate training, development and housing opportunities for underserved and underrepresented individuals.

Vision:  Surrounding underserved and underrepresented individuals with economic wealth and sustainability through joint ventures and collaboration.


Goals, Objectives & Outcomes

We have developed goals and objectives that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely to ensure the success of all program participants and those goals are the following:

  • To identify and meet housing needs of underserved individuals.
  • To identify and meet training needs of underserved individuals participating in one of the programs created by Project Outreach.
  • To identify and meet home-buying needs of underserved individuals participating in one of the programs created by Project Outreach.
  • To create and establish partnerships with General Contractors, Real Estate Investors and Landlords

At the end of each program, participants will be able to live a life over which they have full control because of the skills and resources we have provided them.


Who Can Participate?

We are actively looking for real estate investors, landlords and general contractors who have a desire to help underserved and underrepresented populations. Those may include veterans, justice-involved individuals, aging-out youth, individuals with disabilities and elderly. We also invite real estate agents, mortgage bankers, credit restoration specialists and other real-estate related professions to participate.


Time Commitment

Each council member would be expected to attend a monthly meeting with their committee and a quarterly meeting with the General Body. Each meeting is allotted 60 minutes and is task driven to efficiently run the meetings. Council members who desire to operate in a leadership role as a board member will be expected to participate in a 60-minute Board meeting monthly to ensure all committees are on task.

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